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Janz Custom Made Costumes – Privacy Policy

We all need to be aware of how our personal details are collected and used whether in everyday conventional transactions or on the internet.
Identity theft and fraud are real causes for concern today and Janz takes this matter extremely seriously. We have researched our payment systems thoroughly and are able to offer you the guarantee of proven safety and security through PayPal.

Janz takes great care with any details that you provide to us and you need to know that your details are always safe with us. We appreciate that this requires an element of trust on your part but we are confident that our established reputation of reliabilityy and total honesty will reassure you that we adhere strictly to our privacy policy at Janz.

The information we acquire from you, our customers, helps us to tailor and improve our customers’ experience and the services we offer, expanding our range of garments and answering the needs of more customers around the world.

We use the information to enable orders, deliver products and services, process payments, communicate with you about orders, products, services and promotional offers, update our records and generally maintain your accounts with us. We may display content on our web site such as unsolicited customer reviews and if requested we will recommend merchandise and services that might be of interest to you.

We only record your name, address, telephone number and order details offline so that we can refer to them in the event of any queries you may have.
No credit or debit card details are ever retained by Janz.

Our payment system is the PayPal Web Payments Pro Gateway where PayPal Verified Sealyour credit / debit card details, name and order details are sent for secure processing.

Other than for purposes of payment through PayPal, Janz will never pass on any of your personal details to any other third party.